The Benefits of a Poultry Saddle

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Poultry Saddles also known as hen protector, hen saver, hen apron etc…they help to protect the chicken’s skin and feathers from infection and damage which can happen due to mating of the roosters, chickens will peck at the site of an injury even more so if they can see red if this happens they will carry on until they eventually kill the chicken.

The saddle is an absolute hen saver

because it protects your birds from feather loss and covers up injuries.

How do they work?

The feathers of your hen might possibly break during the act of mating and once the feathers are broken, the skin can be accidentally punctured, when this happens, the other chickens may be tempted to peck at her, and this may lead to a critical injury.

This is where the chicken saddle is needed as it reduces the possibility of the feathers being broken and protects the back of your birds.

You can see how necessary the saddle is and the safety it provides.

If the feather has already broken, the saddle still protects the bird’s bare back so that the injury can heal fast and for the fast re-growth of the feathers.

It’s always a good idea to have at least one spare saddle in case of emergencies, if the feather is broken or an injury occurs, the spare saddle would be used immediately to protect your chicken.

There is a wing strap on the saddle with a snap to make fitting easy, the birds are able to move freely and it fits well round their wings. To remove the wing strap, undo the snap and carefully pull the feathers through it.

The poultry saddle does not hinder the bird from enjoying herself. She would still continue to carry on with her normal acts such as dust bathing, flapping her wings, running, and so on.


Once you see damage on your bird’s back or feathers it is best to fit a poultry saddle in order to prevent more damage from occurring, Immediately you have fitted the saddle on your bird.

let her remain in the breeding pen and keep strict watch on her in case there are any further needs.

When the feathers have been damaged quite often a hen won’t get her feathers back until her next molt.

In conclusion, we can see the strong benefits of fitting a chicken saddle on our birds.

We would not want to be at a loss for not taking good care of our birds by ignoring all these orientations because poultry saddles are of great benefit to our birds.

It is advisable to dust the saddle and the bird with mite powder.

Check the saddle on a regular basis to see if mites are nesting anywhere on the saddle.

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