How to fit a Hen Saddle   

Fitting guide video below

It is advisable to apply mite powder to the saddle, please also pay attention to the straps.

If the saddle does not sit flat on the hens back and pops up then the wing straps are slightly too long, so it will be necessary to shorten the wing straps by about an inch with a stitch, this usually applies to the smaller brown hybrids, please do not wash your saddle as this will damage the waterproofing instead just spray or brush off

It will take her a few minutes or could be a day to get use to it then she will wear it as if she has worn it all her life, if you have any problems then please let me know

Butterfly saddle only

Put the saddle on and then place the velcro around the wing as shown in the video , your hen will then adjust it herself and this could take a minute or so but once they have it in the right place they don’t mind it at all, sometimes the wing flaps fold over a little at the ends but this does not stop the butterfly saddle from protecting the hens wings.