Chicken Harness Chickens


Chicken Harness

Handmade to order or bespoke sizes available
Adjustable Chicken Harness including leash
Lead will match webbing used
Patterns may vary depending on where the fabric is cut
Made from cotton/cotton mix with a fleece lining for comfort
Polypropylene straps, plastic side release closure

Small Size
Circumference at the smallest is 11″ and largest 14″
Length 5 ” Neck 9″

Medium size
Circumference at the smallest is 13″ and largest 16″
Length 5 1/2 ” Neck 11 1/2″
Fits most Hens

Sizes are approx

If you live in an urban area and are unable to let your chickens out of the run for some fresh grass and the chance to explore their surroundings then a chicken harness is what you need and of course take them for a walk for a change of scenery I’m sure they would love it