Chicken Wing protection 2 in 1


Chicken Wing Protection 2 in 1 Uncorded

2 in 1 saddle   there is no hook and loop attachment on the wings for this listing and no grab cord.
• 100%  15oz Cotton Canvas
• Naturally Breathable
• Temperature and Moisture Regulating properties
• Rot Resistant and Waterproof finish
Allow any mud or dirt to dry. Gently brush off with a soft, lint free, fabric pad. The fabric should be cleaned with a damp sponge using pure cold water. No detergents or power washers should be used as this will remove the rot resistant and waterproof finish. 
You can now let your chicken get use to the basic saddle before adding wing protection if you wish.
The wings move independently from the saddle so they do not restrict the bird in any way.
Wing protectors are now attached to the saddle with snaps  so that they can be easily removed when just the basic saddle is needed.
Please see below for size guide